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Suboxone Recovery

Suboxone is a miracle medication that reduces or eliminates the cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid use. Coupled with a recovery program, it is the safest and most effective way of treating opioid addiction.

The most common "recovery" program in the western hemisphere is often referred to as "twelve step recovery" which started from a small Christian women's group at the end of the 1920's called the Oxford Group.

The principals of the Oxford Group were adopted by an alcoholic stockbroker named Bill Wilson who was a prolific thinker and writer.  He wrote a book regarding those prinicipals and because he was an alchoholic, called the book Alcoholics Anonymous. Since that time those principals have been used to treat all types of addictions including sex, drugs, shopping, eating, smoking, hoarding etc. In other words, we have a problem bigger than ourselves, we need a solution bigger than ourselves.

In essence, the twelve steps encourage us to acknowledge and follow a power greater than ourselves and give us the lattitude to determine what that power is for us. It can be God, or Jesus, or Buddah, or Allah, or mother nature, or planet earth, or Karma, or what have you. It just can't be us because as an addict or alchololic, our choices get us in trouble. Alternatively, in twelve step recovery, our Higher Power solves the problem for us. We can't do it nor is it our job. We just have to give up trying to fix ourselves.

Put another way, recovery is learning to be OK with not getting our way. It must be our Higher Power's way.

There is a way out. Let us help. Call 800-707-2812 for your appointment today and get on to the life you deserve!

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